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Bored? Fed Up? Need ideas for getting active outdoors and having fun?

Hi! I’m Rob, an engineer spending my days developing state of the art technology that gives high performance people a significant edge over their competitors. By night I help others find ways to recharge from their hectic lifestyles by blogging about ways to have fun and adventure outdoors.

I have learned that being active outdoors with friends and family helps you to have a healthier work life balance and to recharge after a hectic day. I am sharing with you the awesome things I discover by blogging about great ways to spend your recreation time getting active outdoors.

Active Outdoors® aims to inspire you to spend more time having fun doing recreational pursuits in the natural world. As more people spend time getting active outdoors, this leads to increased health, wellbeing and a stronger desire to look after the world around us. You'll also have some really awesome stories to share with your friends.

Outdoor Sport and Activity Ideas List

If you are bored, wondering what to do on the weekend with friends, having a mid-life crisis or just have some spare time on your hands, Active Outdoors® helps you to find new experiences having fun and adventure outdoors with friends. Whether you want fun, action, an extreme adrenalin rush or to just relax, there are things to do for free, ideas for personal and physical wellbeing, and outdoor activities for the ultimate social weekend.

Use the outdoor activities list to discover how to get started in any activity, what skills you need, where to get training, what gear you should have, and where to go to try it out near you or on an activity holiday.
The world is your adventure playground. Read the Active Outdoors® blog and find out how to Get Out More.